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Blogging on the International Malbec Days

Since the end of the International Malbec Days held in Cahors at the end of May 2010, bloggers and journalists went home and started writing on the event. Some enjoyed it very much, like Ken Payton:  he liked the vineyard so much that he proposed the Cahors professional body to write a book on the new generation of Cahors winemakers. Joe Roberts was a little more puzzled by the Cahors wines: he found some of them weird but honestly admitted it’s his own opinion we can challenge. We did and Joe is ready to come back to Cahors to taste more wines. Thanks to him for being such a good sport. Hoke Harden encountered some difficulties at the Toulouse airport he tells with humor but once in Cahors he went to work and shared his tasting notes on his blog.

Remy Charest came to Cahors with a precise mission: taste Le Pigeonnier 1999 of Château Lagrezette at the invitation of Jean Courtois, General Manager. The story behind the tasting is quite interesting. In an article published in The Palate Press, Remy expressed his dislike of the wine. Jean Courtoischallenged him to come to Lagrezette and taste blind Le Pigeonnier 1999 among other wines. Remy took M. Courtois up to his challenge and tasted Le Piegonnier blind among 8 wines from Argentina and from Château Lagrezette. Discover his “Verdict on Le Pigeonnier 1999″ and his notes on the other wines.

Carly Wray from was among the happy ones who went on a Montgolfiere ride over the Cahors vineyards and really enjoyed her stay as she stated in the blog.

Finkus Bripp featured Carly Wray and Anthony Rose on his blog just before they took off in the montgolfiere in a funny video. And he loved Clos de Gamot.

Thanks to all of those writers who took the time to come to Cahors, taste the wines and write about them. We hope to see them soon again in Cahors - tasting truffles for example.

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