French Malbec

Cahors Malbecs show off in New York

A few days ago, the Wine Media Guild organized a luncheon where Malbecs from Argentina and Cahors were tasted. For the author of the blog Imbibe New York, Karen Ulrich, Cahors won easily this friendly competition.

Here are those she enjoyed most:

“The Georges Vigouroux, Pigmentum Malbec 2005 and the Château La Coustarelle, Tradition 2005 are both surprisingly complex and under $15. The Pigmentum shows light tannins with aromas of black tea, and bright, dark berry fruit. The Tradition is like walking into a tea shop, full of earthy and bitter notes. Misleading, the fruit initially recalls that of an Argentine Malbec, but here, the acidity keeps it in its place by rightfully halting any of the fruit’s potential bigness.

Château de Haute Serre 2005–Rich ruby in color and elegant, there’s integrated earth and mint with dark fruit, and an acidity that keeps the tannins from dominating the glass.

Château de Gaudou, Renaissance 2007 –Floral incense and spice. One smells the tannins as the wine’s spine. Black plum and bloom, and blackberry, the tannins have a talc texture, which I found nice.

Château Eugenie, Cuvee Reservee de l’Aieul 2006–Charred wood soon gives way to black plum and eucalyptus mint, with silky tannins that do not interrupt the wine’s progression. “

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French Malbec